Toronto See-Scape Website

Finding information about your favourite Sci-Fi bar & café just got easier.

Problem: As a potential customer looking for information about the location of the bar one day, I found out that the information on the website was hard to read, hard to find, and there was no cohesive structure on the website. I took the opportunity to reach out to the owner to offer my help with her website. The owner described that she wanted a website to have a cyberpunk look and feel, and she would like to have a section where customers can make reservations and/or book the venue for events.

Solution: Give the website a facelift, with a cyberpunk/sci-fi look and feel overall for all pages. Make the navigation, bar hours and location easy to find. Create a section for even booking with select date, select time, number of people, and contact information. Make sure the Reserve a table and Book an event buttons are accessible.

Results: The owner of the bar cafe loved the website look. She saw a decline of phone calls asking about hours, location and menu items.

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